How do I Participate in a TeleVisit?

For many people today, telemedicine is a convenient and effective way to see their healthcare provider. The first step is to call our office and we will help determine if the type of visit you request is suitable for a TeleVisit.

Before beginning your TeleVisit, make sure that you:

  1. Are an active patient with Family Practice of Cadillac.
  2. Have checked your insurance plan to see if you have telemedicine benefits. Most insurance companies have a phone number or online service to check your benefits. If you have your insurance through your employer your benefit administrator where you work could also advise you. A copay or deductible may apply.
  3. Have a computer with a web camera and microphone or a smart phone or tablet
  4. Have a dependable internet connection
  5. Have an active Patient Portal account, with username and password
  6. Set aside a secure, private location

To begin your Televisit, follow these easy steps:

To connect by computer:

  1. “Arrive early” by logging in to your Patient Portal. You can find the portal link at (button at the top of the page).
  2. Click “Join TeleVisit” in your patient dashboard under ‘Appointments’.
  3. Fill out any vital signs you may have on the questionnaire, click ‘Submit Vitals’.
  4. A compatability check will test your hardware, once successful, click ‘Proceed’.
  5. Click ‘Start TeleVisit’ to enter the virtual waiting room and wait for your physician to connect.

 To connect by smart phone:

  1. Download ‘healow’ from the App Store or Google play. The unique practice code is ‘GDEIBA’.
  2. Login with your patient portal username and password.
  3. Agree to the terms and conditions
  4. Create a PIN
  5. Click on ‘Appointments’ at the top of the wheel
  6. Click on the appointment
  7. Click ‘Start TeleVisit’
  8. Fill out any vital signs you may have on the questionnaire, click ‘Submit Vitals’.
  9. Click ‘Start TeleVisit’ to enter the virtual waiting room and wait for your physician to connect.

Please view this YouTube video for more information:   TeleVisit How-To

If you experience any technical problems or have questions about the TeleVisit process, please contact the office at 231-775-9741.

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